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Sheepon Textile Co., Ltd.

it's ever seeking perfection in innovation, and versatility explores the global market with its talented and dedicated management staff.

Sheepon Company is a reputable producer of stretch fabrics and spandex covering yarn in taiwan. Our whole manufacturing facility has incorporated central controlled temperature and humidity system, and advance computer automated system from France to ensure quality. Our long technical co-operation with DuPont Company, and analytic computer facilities equipment help to maintain rigorous control of each individual production segment, thus guaranteeing the total quality of "Kinlon" yarn.



What is "Kinlon" Spandex covering yarn?

"Kinlon" yarns are elastic covered yarns and multi-ply composite yarns produced by Jilong Company. It can impart fabric elasticity and have good recovery, to maintain the original appearance, make it more comfortable to wear, and play the fabric, drape, The characteristics of gloss drive fabric and popular creativity.