Recently there are some persons engage in illegal business affairs under our company name Sheepon Textile Co. Ltd.. Its fortunate there has been no victim, but in order to prevent the condition become worse, which damage our companys goodwill and your business, we have made the following declaration:

  • The business unit of Sheepon Textile Company Ltd. located separately in Yun-lin and Tou-yun Hsien in Taiwan, which major in producing stretch covering yarn, spun yarn and stretch fabric, including weaving & knitting way. Our only related business is Brimadona Company Ltd., which major in knitting stretch fabric production. Besides, we dont have agent or trader in any country.
  • Below is our only exporting window, if there is any change, we would bulletin on our website.

Contact Person: Mr. Vincent Liao


ADD: No. 152, Tou-kung 10 RD. Tou-liu, Yun-lin Hsien, Taiwan

TEL: 05-5575328 FAX: 05-5575329